Sharp-eyed hockey observers noticed that on July 11, the Swedish hockey federation updated their roster for the World Junior Summer Showcase that is held every July/August, and this year is in Kamloops, BC. Sandin had disappeared from the roster.

The showcase is a set of games between the USA, Canada, Sweden and Finland and is used by all four countries to help make the roster for the WJC in December. It is very common for players who may ultimately be named to those teams to not play in the event.

Timothy Liljegren is not on the roster, and is very much eligible to join the Swedish team again.

Today, Rasmus Sandin’s agent explained the change:

Tomas Montén is the head coach of Team Sweden.

Earlier in the summer, Sandin had said he would stay for the development camp and then through July until the end of the WJSS before he went home. This is exactly what Liljegren did last year. Considering that not only did Sandin play into the playoffs this year, he also played in Canada, it’s hard to fault him for wanting a real off-season that includes some time at home uninterrupted by plane rides.

If he ends up playing in the SHL this year, that season and the training camp begin much sooner than a North American team’s season does.

At times, the post-draft summer for hockey players is so hectic that it interferes with their training and just their lives — even if you’re a good enough hockey player to be drafted in the first round at 18 years old, you’re still 18.  His biggest worry right now should be avoiding sand in his shoes.

I say, go relax in a swan boat in the pool, Rasmus, and play hockey some other month.