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The Maple Leafs have recalled Pontus Holmberg and Alex Steeves and have sent Joe Woll to the Marlies.

With Woll off the roster, they have $850,000 in LTIR pool room. So that means someone is on LTIR or two forwards would not be recalled. One other possibility it that with Luke Schenn in Vancouver awaiting the arrival of a new Schenn, he might be designated non-roster.

When we know you will too.

David Alter



#Leafs practice is underway Ryan O’Reilly is not on the ice. John Tavares is wearing extras grey, Luke Schenn is also not on the ice.

David Alter


#Leafs forward lines at practice Mar. 6/23





Extra: Tavares

Absent: O’Reilly

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So any confident statements of time to return are likely premature.

Minimum for LTIR has to be observed, so at least 24 days from the date of the injury.