Michal Neuvirth, who was attempting a comeback after an injury-plagued season, has hit a roadblock in that plan.

He played extremely well in his one start against Buffalo, likely putting down the best start by a goalie named Mike and not Freddie in this preseason. But that was the only game he was able to play in. A last-minute change had to be made to yesterday’s lineup where Michael Hutchinson got a shutout under a light workload that still included some good saves from him.

To fill out the practice numbers, the Leafs have recalled Kasimir Kaskisuo, who they waived a few days ago:

There is no way Kaskisuo is a legitimate Plan B backup to Hutchinson. So unless the Leafs are really sure they are okay with Hutchinson by default as the only backup, they are now in the market again. The trouble is they are going to market with an empty wallet. There is no way the Leafs can afford to pay much over Hutchinson’s $700,000 cap hit for a backup, and that limits the available pool dramatically.

Joseph Woll has yet to play in a game this season, and is expected to play on the Marlies, so short of some kind of amazing Cinderella story, he’s not in the running either.

Can’t we just clone Freddie?