Travis Dermott is confirmed to be in the lineup for tonight’s game against the Washington Capitals, and he practised in that spot yesterday with Kevin Gravel filling in for Morgan Rielly.

In order to formally activate Dermott off of IR, the Leafs needed to remove someone from the 23-man roster. They also needed room in the LTIR pool for Dermott’s cap hit as he comes off of LTIR.

By sending Gravel  to the AHL, they accomplish both tasks. If the Leafs have to call him back up, the days spent on the roster so far, and the games played will add to his new time on the roster. When he reaches 10 NHL games played or 30 days, his waiver exemption will expire.

As for now, it appears that Zach Hyman is not quite ready to return, but when he does, more cuts will come. With Dermott back on the roster and Gravel back in the AHL, the Leafs have $217,017 in the LTIR pool, so those cuts will be three players for sure. John Tavares is expected to be back playing by that time.