Tonight, the Maple Leafs revealed the special jersey they will wear at the Heritage Classic.

What’s a Heritage Classic, you say? Well you should ask. The Heritage Classic is a century-old tradition where Canadians and Americans get together and play a game in a football stadium halfway between their home cities. This year, Toronto and Buffalo meet in Hamilton for a game in mid-March.

Buffalo is wearing this:

Yup, that’s a Sabres jersey.

The Leafs are going for this, the Big T version of the Toronto Arenas jersey:

Note: the picture this video riffs off of is this one:

And the original jersey of #16, Ken Randall in the centre top is in the Leafs locker room.

More pictures:

Which jersey do you like better?

This special Sabres jersey41
The regular, nearly indistinguishable, Sabres whites21
This special heritage Leafs jersey63
The regular Leafs jersey93
Any Leafs jersey that is #67 and says Knies on the back41