A team wearing Maple Leafs jerseys played two games last weekend, losing the first in OT Saturday, and winning the second on Sunday in a wild game where Zachary Bouthillier stole the show and looked really hot in the net.

Leafs fall 6-5 in overtime to the Senators at the Rookie Tournament
Baby Leafs beat the baby Habs 4-2 in a chippy, sloppy game

It’s always good to beat the Habs, even if it’s their rookies.

The rookie Leafs are allegedly scheduled to play the Habs/Rocket again today in a game closed to fans. As far as I can tell it will not be broadcast on TV either, but if it is we will pass a long those details. In either case, we finally got to see some Leafs action on the ice, including plays by our new draft picks like Rasmus Sandin, Sean Durzi, and Semyon Der-Arguchintsev (whom Lance Hornby tells us goes by ‘Sam’).

It’s official, folks. Hockey is back!

There’s now only a few days until the start of training camp and the attention turns back to William Nylander who still does not have a contract for the coming season. The first major milestone will be Thursday when the formal physicals are conducted by the team physicians, and then on Friday when the Leafs head out to Niagara to start the training camp. Keep an eye out for Nylander news leading up to those dates.

Meanwhile, the Leafs did make one acquisition on the weekend.

That analytics team is getting quite large. Good to see all that Scotiabank money being deployed for good use.


Maple Leafs European Prospect Report: First steps on pro ice - Katya
The KHL season has begun, and Eemeli Räsänen is slowly being eased into the pro game.

Other News

It has finally happened after weeks of speculation: Max Pacioretty has been traded.

Pacioretty trade points to continued rebuild - Eyes On The Prize
The return points towards building for the future, and it’s likely the right call for the Canadiens.

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[Species: LOLOILERS!]

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“Let’s not be so quick to move on.”

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Get ready for hockey!