Noah Gregor is a 25-year-old forward who was originally drafted by the Sharks. He has spent four years in their organization, with 57 games played in the NHL last year where he had 17 points, 10 of them goals.

His contract last season was for $950,000, his highest ever. He was not qualified by the Sharks and became a UFA on July 1. Gregor is a fourth liner, although the Sharks played him more like a third-liner for the last two years. He's had some AHL time, but has mostly played in the NHL.

He scored well over his expected goals last season, but his entire claim to an NHL job is not his finishing skill, it's a more general offensive talent. His defensive talent on the Sharks failed to show up as anything but a big negative.

If his very bad defensive results were not just him, but were the team, then he might be worth a contract. If all he can do is play a little offence then he might be excellent on the Marlies.

PTO players are free to sign contracts with any team, not just the one that has them on a tryout. They are eligible to play in preseason games, so we should expect to see Gregor playing quite a bit.