Mitch Marner is only 28th in the league in points. This is okay, though, because Toronto is running a balanced offensive system, which means they don’t get all of their points from one guy.  See, nice and balanced:

Oh, hey, look who has snuck into second place in defender points.  Meanwhile a look at the rookie scoring league wide shows this:

Huh, this one seems to have 12 names on.  Oops.  But it shows how balanced the Leafs scoring is. And that’s what it’s all about, balance.

And it’s not all rookies either.  Nazem Kadri is not a rookie, and last night he scored his 100th and 101st goals of his career.  This is the second one:

Hey, that was Marner with the assist on that goal too, only just noticed.  See, balance, Marner does well on the power play, where he has 13 points, but he gets the bulk of his business done at five-on-five.


How’s that go again, it’s the crest on the front, not the name on the back?  Then there’s that orchestra metaphor Lou Lamoriello likes.  They’re all playing together in a balanced way.  And the numbers clearly show that.  I didn’t even notice who was on top of the lists.