Carlton the Bear is many things. He's the Toronto Maple Leafs' mascot, he may have a future career starring in Drake music videos, and apparently, he's an artist.

... A starting artist, but an artist. Hey, let's see how well you can paint with those big paws.

His painting of a Leafs player leads to a lot of awesome speculation, though. Is that one dribble of paint a beard or is it blood? Is he wearing a pirate hat? And just what the heck is up with that green spot, anyway? (The green spot was actually a hint! One none of them could pick up on.)

Everyone's in full agreement about a few things, though. The player is a left-handed shot (which didn't stop Dion Phaneuf from guessing Roman Polak, who is a right-handed shot), and he's a bigger guy - which, of course, Morgan Rielly uses to snipe at Jake Gardiner.

But it wasn't Polak or Gardiner at all. It was James van Riemsdyk - something not even the actual James van Riemsdyk was able to figure out!

Who else wears a green mouthguard? Step your game up, boys.