Yesterday, the Leafs brought out the officials for their all special teams practice. Today, we learned this is a permanent feature of the practices.

You know that person at your job, the one who is always ready to not do something or tell everyone else not to bother? That’s not the Leafs. The Leafs are that other annoying person who is always gung ho all the time, and wants to take everything so seriously they bring referees to training camp.

Or have a tournament.

And will declare an MVP.

They used a goal horn, played music in all the stoppages, just like a real game, and they played it (decently) seriously. How do I know? Because Toronto Star reporter Kevin McGran streamed most of it, and I watched because, well, why not?

You can still watch it:

There were a lot of goals, and that’s partly because Andersen and Campbell swapped out with Kaskisuo and Woll at the half. But there were also a lot of AHL goal-scorers.

And in the end Team All the Forwards LOST to team Andersen and Some Guys:

Official goal scorers:

Team Andersen -  Kerfoot, Gauthier, Rosen, Robertson, Petan, Muzzin

Team Matthews - Marner, Hyman (x2), Kivihalme, Brooks

And yes, I know you want to see Robertson or Brooks score, not Jake Muzzin.

I got this:

But I don’t have any Robertson goal video.

But so far Hyman is the front-runner for MVP.

Update: under the heading of NHL gonna NHL...

Word is other teams complained.