7:00 PM EDT
TV: Sportsnet

Our game preview is here.

Tonight Auston Matthews will face his boyhood team, the Arizona Coyotes. Not for the first time, of course, but considering how en fuego he's been this year offensively and how poor the Coyotes have been all year, maybe we can expect some magic tonight.

Speaking of how poor the Coyotes have been, did you know that their only regulation win and two-thirds of their entire win total came in back to back games vs the Habs and Sens? You probably did, but it's hilarious enough to remind you. Of course if the Leafs lose due to my hubris I will apologize profusely assuming I don't get murdered by an angry mob first.

Also speaking of the Coyotes, the juicy "news" (read: rumour mongering) of the day is about a potential Leafs-Coyotes deal involving Oliver Ekman-Larsson. Bob McKenzie was on TSN Radio to talk about it, and wrote an article on TSN.ca.

Bob mostly throws hot water on the rumour, so cool your rosterbation jets before you get ahead of yourself. It is notable that once again TSN keeps trying to give away our Willy and I for one am tired of feeling dirty and used by them.


Fulemin apparently saw into a crystal ball that something like this was coming, because just before that 'news' broke he wrote a 5-step guide on How To Make Your Trade Ideas Make Sense. Basically, if you want the Leafs to get an elite defenseman like OEL, you're gonna have to give up something elite like a Nylander.

Species wrote a recap of the Marlies 2-0 weekend vs Syracuse that's definitely worth a read.

Elseldo asks who ya got at #27: Darryl Sittler or Frank Mahavolich.