This is too soon, we haven't even stopped celebrating beating Tampa or stopped laughing about Florida beating Boston long enough to consider that Florida might be pretty good. We aren't ready!

The NHL doesn't care.

Two games have been announced so far, the opening home games in Toronto:

  • Tuesday, May 2 at 7:00 pm (CBC, SN, ESPN)
  • Thursday, May 4 with not time or channels decided yet.

Given that, the expectation has to be that Game 3 in Sunrise is on Saturday, May 6. If you look around, you can find flights to Miami on Friday at decent prices. The closer Fort Lauderdale is a tougher bargain to locate. Or, just get driving. Why not do a weekend in Florida in May. Someone will do an article about this quoting prices because PR firms send out scripts for you to copy so you can write ads for their clients for free.

Scotiabank Arena is free of conflicting events until the WNBA game on May 13, and FLA Live Arena is free from May 5 to May 20 – arena booking believed in the Panthers.

In other news, I now know Duran Duran has a tour, and ... guys ... no.

The return to Toronto for Game 5 is going to by next Wednesday, as the most likely date. Until we have firm dates, this should get you planning your watch parties, locations and liquor purchases.

A hilarious upscale "craft" pina colada recipe. Everything has been gentrified, even the cherry.

A mojito recipe where no one talks: