It's April! April means warmer weather (uh, in theory) and, well, it's usually about the time hockey starts to die down. It is for the Maple Leafs, at least; less so for the Marlies, who look pretty primed to go on an awesome playoff run.

But you know what else April means? Baseball! And considering the Blue Jays' 2015, it's completely understandable to get very much caught up in the hype as their season gets under way. Especially with ace Marcus Stroman setting the tone, leading the Jays to their first win of the season.

Did you want another reason to love Stroman? Well, that's easy enough: he's a Leafs fan, and he will not cater to the Habs, no sir.

"Nobody's perfect"? You sure about that, Gallagher? He seems pretty perfect to us.