It was probably a special night, for Michael Grabner for three reasons in particular:

  1. He scored against his former NHL team. After spending five seasons and scoring 90 goals for the New York Islanders, he got to enact the sweetest revenge: scoring his first-ever goal against them.
  2. It was the 100th goal of his career, which is always really cool.
  3. With that goal, he became just the second Austrian-born player ever to score 100 goals in the NHL.

Thomas Vanek, who has scored 309 goals over the 777 games of his NHL career, is number one, and somebody Grabner isn't likely to pass any time soon. But after him, it's just Grabner. Michael Raffl, the only other Austrian currently in the NHL, has just 35 goals, so it looks like it'll be just Grabner and Vanek for a while.

And Grabner definitely made a lot of people proud, including the most important people of all: