The latest word on Frederik Andersen is a confusing mix of day-to-day and no timeline for return and seven-10 days, a period that elapsed today.

Jack Campbell has started the three games since Andersen played last and was reported to be injured, but not with a new injury, just the same old injury.

The question is: Are the Leafs dealing with a bigger problem of goaltender health than they’re letting on? Or are they just being wisely cautious of Campbell’s health.

They are unlikely to really ever tell us, and we’ll see what happens tomorrow, when the Leafs travel to Winnipeg. Who goes and who stays?

Maybe a better question is what does it mean if Veini Vehviläinen backs up?

Update from 31 Thoughts:

Here’s the best info I can find: The Maple Leafs do not believe — as I write this — that Andersen’s injury is season-ending. They are not eager to eat their precious cap space on another netminder unless they absolutely have to. I do suspect GM Kyle Dubas has a move or two in his back pocket, and is waiting until the numbers work — or something else drops on his lap.