Through four games this season, Frederik Andersen has a save percentage of .879. That puts him 47th in the NHL right now. At even strength, he’s sitting at .874: 50th in the NHL. So one could say this hasn’t been the best start.

One reporter went a bit further than that, deciding to ask Mike Babcock about the Leafs’ goaltending woes over the past several years.

Babcock was not in the mood to humour it.

And really, can you blame him? Babcock is spot on about everything. This is his second year in Toronto; he has no reason to care about how the Leafs’ goaltending was prior to his arrival. And it’s way, way too early to hit the panic button.

The part where he runs out of patience, though, is when it’s brought up that Don Cherry was criticizing the Leafs’ goaltending - and that, he really had no time for. (Does anybody?)

Here’s the transcript, but the actual video is linked above, and it’s very much worth watching to see just how much Babcock is not here for any bad narratives - even if his swearing got bleeped out.

That’s as emphatic a vote of confidence as anyone needs. Babcock remains awesome.