Sledge hockey is pretty awesome. Coming out of Sweden, it's a great option for those who can't physically play ice hockey - but it's not the solution for everyone.

The Danes have an answer for that, though. Have had for quite some time now. Because while Denmark is climbing up the ice hockey ranks - they're becoming a must-watch team in the World Juniors, after all. They almost beat Russia! - they've been up there in Volt hockey for nearly 30 years now.

Volt hockey features a motorized chair, complete with a kind of stick blade up front, that allows immobile players to zip around as fast as if they were on the ice (it's played in a gymnasium) via a toggle stick.

And while it's gotten big over in Scandinavia, complete with competitive clubs and everything, it's just now being introduced to Canada - where, hopefully, teams here will start to form as well.

Various Maple Leafs on the shelf - James van Riemsdyk, Brad Boyes, and Byron Froese - plus Head Coach Mike Babcock joined a group of kids who now get to play the game that makes up such a huge part of Canada's national identity, and it's absolutely beautiful.

The Toronto Sun joined them when they went, and has video of their experiences. It's well worth the watch - this is something truly beautiful to make sure everyone in Canada gets a chance to play. (And I totally cried a couple of times, because how could you not?)