Here we are on the eve of training camp and Mitch Marner still does not have a contract. It’s already a whole big deal. Hell, it was a big deal three months ago. But now, as the Leafs fly east to Newfoundland for camp, we’ve finally reached a point where official team events will be missed by Marner. The Rock isn’t exactly a place to which one can book a last minute same day flight, even with MLSE resources. If Marner doesn’t go with them today, he’s probably missing all of it.

I’m not going to cover all the contract term options and contract dollar options and trade possibilities and rumours in here today. This is just the daily FTB, and we’ve already covered all that in pretty good detail this week. You can read all about in the following links.

Blow away the smoke, and Mitch Marner’s choice is simple
To Bridge or not to Bridge, that is the Mitch Marner question

Every take imaginable has been had on this now, and I don’t care to add more to the pile. I don’t mean that in a cynical way—and I am a card carrying cynic. I’m going full dispassionate Vulcan here.

This impasse between Marner and the Maple Leafs really isn’t that big of a deal.

Yes, it’s true he’s a great player, and missing the start of training camp is not great, but the Leafs season will not be not be sunk if he doesn’t join the team today. Not even if he misses the first regular season game. Kyle Dubas is blessed with some great play-makers and scorers to move around, and some great prospects to move up. It’s not difficult to sketch out lines without Marner, and those lines still look great.

Marner and the Leafs will eventually make a deal and we’ll move on.

So don’t waste time on the interviews with players at the training camp where they are asked the inevitable questions about the situation and deliver the canned “I know that hockey is a business...” answers. Don’t waste time on radio hits from “insiders” who quote “people close to Marner’s Camp” about his demands.

Relax. Breathe.

You don’t have to start panicking about this.

Until next week. Then you should panic.

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Training camp starts tomorrow, folks. Forget about Marner. Let’s spend today celebrating the return of Maple Leafs (and Marlies) hockey. We’ve got a lot to look forward to.