You know those promos we get on TSN every year of hockey-playing teenagers looking both serious and wonderfully majestic for the World Juniors? We're not even two weeks away from things kicking off, so it's that time of year again! And it looks like Mitch Marner is getting one:

Off to Helsinki

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Of course, why wouldn't he be? While Marner technically hasn't yet officially made Team Canada, he's pretty much a lock. The coaches didn't need to see him play against CIS All-Stars because, well, they know that he's good. And they like him alongside Dylan Strome. As Don Hay put it:

"I like their speed and their size and obviously their skill."

You tend to go third and fourth overall for a reason, after all.

So chances are pretty darn good Marner is going to be in Finland for the next few weeks, and he shouldn't be back in Canada until 2016 - hopefully with a gold medal around his neck.