Is anyone else getting a little uncomfortable with the obsession surrounding a 19-year-old boy's weight? I can't be the only one. And okay, I get it - hockey is a game where size can be advantageous, but it's hardly the only thing.

Mitch Marner currently weighs 163 lbs. His goal this off-season? Get up to 170. It's reasonable enough, and should help him make the NHL.

Hopefully sooner rather than later, because no matter his current size, sending him back to juniors doesn't seem like the smartest move to make in regards to his development. He's won literally everything he possibly can - what's he going to do in London another season?

But even if he somehow stays at 163 lbs, would it be the end of the world? Hardly. Here's a list of NHLers from the 2015-16 season under 170 lbs (weights via

Player Weight
Johnny Gaudreau 157 lbs.
Paul Byron 158 lbs.
Vincent Hinostroza 158 lbs.
Tyler Ennis 160 lbs.
Brendan Leipsic 165 lbs.
Yanni Gourde 167 lbs.

Okay, so some of those guys are more notable than others - but Johnny Gaudreau is pretty notable. Paul Byron is small, but plays a pretty solid bottom six-style game. Tyler Ennis has carved out a very successful career for himself.

And it's not like Marner is coming out of nowhere - he's a fourth overall pick. He is, in all likelihood, going to have a successful career. And if anyone can overcome size issues, it's him.

This isn't to say he shouldn't treat his weight training seriously over the summer - he absolutely should, because he should be doing everything he can to make sure he has a place on an NHL roster in a couple of months. But it's probably not that big of a deal at all.