That was a massive weekend of hockey, maybe too much for the last weekend in May.


Minnesota had the chance to win the cup, something over 13,000 fans kept chanting during the game last night.

They played a low event game that gradually got more interesting the tighter it got, which is fairly unusual, but it was very much a game where no one wanted to lose, and that took precedence over trying to win. The 0-0 tie lasted through nearly two full overtime periods before Minnesota and their fans were celebrating a win.

Just on problem. The winning goal came after some very textbook goalie interference, and the surprising thing likely was that the referee on the ice called it a goal.

Maybe the emotions of believing in the win were the difference, because after Minnesota sorted out whose gloves and sticks were whose, and they started playing again, it was quick work for Boston to win the game.

The only Swiss player to score a goal yesterday.

Game Five is Wednesday.

IIHF Men's Worlds

Canada lost the bronze medal game to a slick play by Erik Karlsson to get the tying goal. Old friend Carl Grundström got the game winner.

Then in the gold medal game, the tension was high as no one could score until David Pastrnak got his first of the tournament. They don't ask how many, they just ask when.

But the Leafs moment came when David Kämpf hard worked it into the ENG for the insurance goal.

It was an amazing atmosphere to watch this game. Kämpf was nominally the 2C, but he came out for all the crucial faceoffs and gradually took a lot of Pavel Zacha's ice time. Switzerland were good, kind of Minnesota like in defending first, but you gotta score, just ask Alina.

Pro tip: never look up Kampf on Twitter.

Memorial Cup

I took a pass on yesterday's game, but I did watch London roll over Drumondville on Saturday. Saginaw beat Drumondville as well yesterday.

London faces Moose Jaw tonight at 7:30 (TSN) and this will be the only game that London might have trouble with. They still have to play Saginaw as well, but they just proved they can roll over them, albeit in a playoff series.

Gratuitous suit pic:


Dallas beat Edmonton on Saturday and that series is tied. I see Mason Marchment got the game winner there.

New York beat the Panthers in overtime to go up 2 games to 1 in their series. I have not watched any of this, so I have no opinion on it.

Dallas and Edmonton go again tonight at 8:30 pm Eastern time.

Other News

One of the most successful coaches in Sweden is unemployed. Some NHL team should give this guy a whirl if for no other reason than his, uh, media relations skills. Bonus points if the NHL adopts the Swedish technique of putting both coaches at the same table with a hand-held mic they pass back and forth to answer questions. What could possibly go wrong?

Seriously, though. He's a good coach, who likes to have all four lines play hockey.

Okay, that's it for me this morning, I've written a terrible article I should never have done, and it goes out later this morning. Something to look forward to.