We're heading into a make-or-break part of the season, but things are sunny in Leafland.

  • The Leafs are in a playoff spot and even threatening to finish second (!) in the Atlantic. They're three points back of second-place Boston with five games in hand.
  • The Leafs are tied for the second-best record in their last ten in the whole NHL--both they and Minnesota have put up 8-1-1. Only Washington (9-0-1) is better--and the Leafs pushed Washington to overtime in their most recent meeting (Washington is the Leafs' OTL in that 8-1-1.)
  • Knock aggressively on wood, but the Leafs' NHL roster has maintained an extremely healthy top nine at forward and top four on defence; only a few missed games from Tyler Bozak mar the picture. A big portion of this is very good luck, but a portion is also youth--of those thirteen players, only Bozak and Leo Komarov are over 27.
  • This one's a little involved, but it's fun. Take the thirty teams in the NHL, and rank 'em 1-30 based on their 5v5 adjusted CF%, how close their shots-for are, and how distant their shots-against are. Average those three rankings into one overall ranking. The #1 team in the league? Toronto./

If the Leafs can get through their murderous February schedule in solid shape--a tall order, but not impossible--we're probably going to be the first team in a decade to go from last in the league to a playoff spot.


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Have a wonderful day, everyone. It's going to be touch and go, but we're cheering for the most exciting Leafs team since Mats.