Today is not just any Monday where you’re dragging yourself off to work and wishing someone would offer sheet you for an extra million, today is the beginning of the T25.

Some time this morning we will reveal #25 on the list, and kick off weeks of prospect fun that will lead up to the deep and abiding mystery of who is number one this time.

Before that, some links for you:

Okay, I saw two Leafs stories, one started out Brian Burke explains... the other was Mike Zigomanis explains... and I don’t actually care what those guys are explaining, so, on to the prospects;


The Canadians roll into the WJSS later than anyone else:

We also learned on Sunday the Mikko Kokkonen, injured and not in the lineup for Finland, is not seriously hurt. The WJSS is the tournament where a hangnail gets you out of playing.

The action continues this week, with the only issue we care about being will Nick Robertson make the cut for the combined USA team. (Spoiler: yes) We’re a bit confused because he was listed as playing at C, 1C in fact, on Team White on Sunday, and we didn’t know he’d ever played at C before.

NHL News

One way or another the Flames have to do something to make room for Chucky the wonder irritant, and using their buyout window might just be that something.

The post thinks the Rangers will use their buyout window to remove Shattenkirk’s cap hit from the equation, but his huge cost next season seems like a huge negative to me.

Why Kevin Shattenkirk will soon be Rangers salary-cap casualty
The Rangers made two trades this offseason for right-hand defensemen who play the power play. So what does that tell you about Kevin Shattenkirk’s future on Broadway?

So far three RFAs have gone through arbitration and been awarded contracts. They are: Andrew Copp, Christian Djoos and Evan Rodrigues. There are seven more cases oustanding, with the hearings scheduled between August 1 and August 4. The only really interesting case is Will Butcher. Will Butcher settle?

Cap Friendly lists 48 RFAs unsigned who played at least one NHL game last season, which seems like a lot for almost August.


Blue Jays trade star pitcher Marcus Stroman to Mets for two pitchers -
The rebuilding Toronto Blue Jays have traded top starter Marcus Stroman to the New York Mets for a pair of pitching prospects.

Blue Jays trade veteran infielder Eric Sogard to Rays -
The Toronto Blue Jays made the first of what could be many late-July trades Sunday, sending Eric Sogard to the Tampa Bay Rays for two players to be named.

Who is the Leafs best Canadian Prospect of WJC age?

Riley Stotts44
No really, he’s the only one.22
Really, he’s the only Canadian of WJC age in the Leafs system.43
Don Cherry is so mad right now.227

Happy Monday, everyone!