Did you know Auston Matthews has only ever had ONE four-goal game? Just one. That’s terrible. By my math, he’s played 15 games now, so he should have at least 15 of those. At LEAST.

He does not. He has one.

And okay, admittedly Matthews hasn’t scored in nine games. It’s not like he doesn’t have 12 points in 15 games, which is tied for the lead in team scoring. Nope.

But thanks to Kristen Shilton, a much bigger issue has been brought to light: Matthews apparently sucks at Call of Duty.

Matthews is a 19-year-old boy. How is this possible??

In all seriousness, though, his teammates have his back (when it comes to hockey).

And so does his coach. (Again, when it comes to hockey, not video games. I don’t think Mike Babcock has an opinion on video games.)

It’s true that Matthews is still learning and growing, and he’ll get there.

Well, he will in hockey. I can’t vouch for any hope for him in Call of Duty.