If you think about it, Nazem Kadri just makes sense to be the Toronto Maple Leafs’ DJ. Drafted by them back in 2009, they’re the only team he’s known; now, he’s 26 years old and has played 347 games for the Leafs.

He, along with Tyler Bozak, is also the longest-tenured member of the Leafs. The new kids are exciting and all, but Kadri? Kadri’s seen it all.

So back to that original point: The Athletic really thought about it, and talked to Kadri about DJing, too. In their latest, we get a deep, inside look as to just how he came to be the Leafs’ DJ - and how he manages to keep the peace on a team that has both teenagers and guys in their 30s, music-wise.

Bozak is one of those 30-year-olds, so him handing off to Kadri just makes sense at this point. Kadri’s younger, and a bit closer to the median age of the roster. I imagine that helps with the music diplomacy!