Can you believe it’s almost time for the Centennial Classic? The NHL’s year-round 100-year celebrations are set to kick off in the new year, all starting with the Toronto Maple Leafs hosting the original six rival Detroit Red Wings outside at BMO Field on Jan. 1.

But that’s not all that will be going on! There’s going to be a touring Centennial Fan Arena (pictured above, via the NHL), complete with museum, video-truck, ball hockey rink, and virtual reality experience - and its first stop is in Toronto, as part of the pre-game before the Centennial Classic.

That’s going to be fun.

Something else that’s going to be fun? The inevitable arguments that spring up as, also on Jan. 1, the NHL unveils its list of the league’s 100 greatest players from 1917-1966.

Well, there were definitely be Leafs on that list. Who do you think makes it?