NHL teams have about 48 hours to make their moves before the league locks down the rosters and teams are required to issue their protection lists for the coming expansion draft. Everyone is asking right now if there will be a flurry of last minute activity by GMs? Will Jack Eichel be traded before this happens? We’ll have to wait and find out, though I wouldn’t be surprised if we all slip through to the weekend with little activity.

On the other hand, maybe Kyle Dubas is waiting for his usual 6 p.m. on a Friday night news bombs! He does love doing that to the hockey media.

In the mean time, do you want to watch a supercut of all Auston Matthews goals from last season? Of course you do!

The very first one in the video actually gets me the most. It’s classic Matthews, but I also remember that game and thinking about the potential for the Leafs in the then coming season; that is was their time, and the perfect chance for one hell of a long playoff...

Anyway, here’s some other news.

Other News

Shea Weber is basically broken all over. Perhaps they can put him on LTIR for the whole season while he gets better, and then he can come back for the playoffs? He should get a consultation with Kucherov’s doctor.

Brandon Carlo is back for the Bruins as basically the only good player they have left under 35.

The new AHL team in Abbotsford B.C. unveiled its identity yesterday. The Abbotsford Canucks were previously the Utica Comets, but the Canucks decided to bring their AHL team across the continent, and much closer to the NHL club. It’s a move in line with what most other NHL teams have already done in the past ten years. In any case, this means the Marlies will almost certainly not play that team ever again, unless its in a Calder Cup Final match. The Comets were replaced in Utica by the New Jersey Devils’ affiliate who will likely fill the hole left by the Comets in the Marlies schedule this coming season.

Report: Jeff Skinner agrees to waive NMC for expansion draft - Die By The Blade
Jeff Skinner needed to waive his no movement clause in order to be unprotected by the Buffalo Sabres in the upcoming expansion draft. Whether the Seattle Kraken would even consider selecting him is another matter.

Luke Richardson signed to three-year contract extension - Eyes On The Prize
The assistant coach stays with the Montreal Canadiens as a part of now-Head Coach Dominique Ducharme’s staff.

‘It seemed like the right thing to do’: Guerin talks Suter, Parise buyouts - Hockey Wilderness
The Minnesota Wild GM spoke at length about the two newest free agents whose giant contracts he bought out.

Kevan Miller has announced his retirement - Stanley Cup of Chowder
The 33 year-old Boston Bruins player has struggled with serious knee injuries in recent years and was also knocked out of this year’s playoffs after a receiving a high hit.

Inuvialuk hockey player gears up to play college hockey in Michigan this fall - CBC
Michael Iatridis wasn't supposed to play hockey on ice at all, but that all changed thanks to a mix-up when he was 10 years old.


Remember Luca Caputi? You probably do only because of those commercials he did with Frank D’Angelo and Mike Zigomanis that were a fixture of Leafs games back on the old Leafs TV network with Henny and Bowen calling the games like they were your friends at a bar. His hockey playing career was unremarkable, but post-playing career it looks like Caputi is making a name for himself as a coach, and he is moving up the ranks fast, now getting a spot as head coach of the OHL team in Kingston. This is the spot vacated by Paul McFarland who got a job as the assistant coach of the new Seattle Kraken.

Why don’t we end with this clip for old times sake. So many names checked here that bring back so many memories of the Burke/Wilson era Leafs (not many good memories.)