Will Toronto be a ‘Hub City’ for the NHL playoffs? Will we find out the answer anytime soon? Will we keep asking this question because there’s some reason they haven’t confirmed this yet?

I suspect the answer to all three of those questions is ‘yes’.

Justin Trudeau opens the door to NHL hub cities in Canada

Yesterday, news broke that the Canadian government would basically do what is necessary to allow the NHL to arrange for somewhere in Canada to be selected. The league has made no secret of the fact they would prefer Toronto to be the Eastern hub, with Las Vegas being the western hub.

Of course, this is not confirmed yet, and Edmonton and Vancouver are apparently still in the running, but, well, that seems only for show. We will soon get a press release saying that “after very careful consideration, and an exhaustive review process involving public health experts” Toronto is selected as the Canadian hub city.

Or not. We continue to wait for the NHL to say or announce, well, anything. Like when is that “early June” NHL Draft happening?

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