You had Alex Ovechkin scoring a huge last minute goal to beat the Penguins and take a 2-1 series lead.

You had this hilarious video of him crashing into the glass with a sea of middle fingers aimed his way.

You have the Winnipeg Jets come back from 3-0 in a few minutes and take a 4-3 lead into the third period, only for the Preds to tie it back up in the third. Only to give the lead back late in the third. 10 goals in a game? Back and forth action? WOO!

But no, let’s once again talk about Tom Wilson being a piece of shit that resulted in a concussion and a broken jaw for Aston-Reese.

What makes this tragic is that Wilson already escaped a suspension THIS SAME SERIES for this hit on Brian Dumolin.

What makes both of these incidents even MORE tragic is all the talk ahead of the series of how reformed Wilson is. Barry Trotz went to bat for him and had this little interview TWO DAYS AGO at a press conference.

Will the NHL suspend him for this one? Call me skeptical that those spineless cowards will even give him a fine.

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What was the most infuriating part of last night in sports?

Tom Fucking Wilson73
Toronto Fucking Raptors70
MLB Fucking Umpires (Re: overturned call vs Jays in 9th)1
I’m sure Steve Simmons said something stupid56