Stanley Cup Final Game 1
Nashville Predators @ Pittsburgh Penguins
8:00 PM on CBC

It’s been a gruelling slog for both teams, but tonight that’s all behind them, and one final series is ahead of them. Maple Leafs fans don’t really have a vested interest in the outcome, but people are nonetheless quickly taking sides.

Should you support the Penguins because you still love Phil Kessel?
Should you support the Predators because of P.K. Subban, and the chance to laugh at the Canadiens if he wins?

Should you support the Penguins because consecutive cup winners is cool?
Should you support the Predators because a first time cup winner is cool?

So many questions. Take the poll and tell us what you think!

Who do you want to win the Stanley Cup?

Nashville Predators and Subban!45
Pittsburgh Penguins and PHIL!16
I don’t care who wins as long as we get hockey that isn’t boring.14
I don’t do the “support another team” thing. It’s the Leafs, or no one!9
It’s May 29 and warm and sunny out. I don’t care about hockey right now.3


Annie is here this weekend! We are having a site meetup at the Firkin on Bloor (south side, 100 metres east of Yonge) to watch Game 3 of the final together. Here is their menu. If you haven’t already confirmed you will attend in today’s FTB, please drop us a line here in the comments.