Daniel Briere's game winning goal in game two was a beauty. He used his speed to beat Hal Gill and fired a laser over Halak's glove. It must be particularly painful for Habs fans to see him have such a big impact on their current plight since Briere represents another French-Canadian Messiah that chose to chase the dollars elsewhere and leave the fan and media's lunacy to some other sucker. That's why he gets booed every time he touches the puck in Montreal. I wonder if he regrets his decision. That deicision is a pretty good hint as to where his allegiances lie.

Since he speaks French, it was suggested that this letter should be in French. Thanks to Fleet Fox's translation the idea has become a reality. The English version can be found below:



Dear Mr. Briere,

I want to congratulate you on being one game away from the Stanley Cup Final. You have certainly done a lot in this series to ensure that the hated Montreal Canadiens will not be playing for the Cup. Your important goals plus your decision to not sign with the Habs as a unrestricted free agent after you left Buffalo make it pretty clear that you are a Leafs fan.

The No Habs No! campaign (Toronto Edition) would like to offer you this token of our appreciation for your game winning goal in game two. I'd wish you good luck in the final but unfortunately, you play for the Flyers so this series will be the last time I can cheer for you unless those rumours of you being traded to Toronto turn out to be true.

Best Regards,