No Habs No

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Sometimes we make fun of the Habs.

Game Preview: Leafs don’t get to eliminate the Canadiens tonight

Alright, it’s the last game of the season. Let’s end it with a win.

The Montreal Canadiens are building with Maple Leafs castoffs

When people said to rebuild like the Leafs, they didn’t mean this...

Helping Out Our Friends In The Atlantic

We want the best for our divisional rivals. Let’s give them ideas!

Can the Maple Leafs trade for P.K. Subban like Colorado traded for Roy?

If the Montreal Canadiens are planning on trading away their star player, we'll have to pray they haven't learned from their past.

Montreal Canadiens rumoured to be searching for a new coach

The Montreal Canadiens are rumoured to be searching for a new coach. We know one that would be the perfect fit.

Leafs Lottery Cheering Guide March 4th, 2015

Last night the games for the Leafs lottery ranking went 2-8. Hopefully SCOTIABANK WEDNESDAY NIGHT HOCKEY treats the Leafs draft position better

No Habs No! - Claude Giroux

Claude Giroux's opener (and eventual game-winner) was notable for more than his quick change of pace and beauty finish. It also gave us the opportunity to laugh at Josh Gorges' wardrobe malfunction as he struggled with the strap on his skate guard. Now, if you've

No Habs No! - Daniel Briere

Daniel Briere's game winning goal in game two was a beauty. He used his speed to beat Hal Gill and fired a laser over Halak's glove. It must be particularly painful for Habs fans to see him have such a big impact on their current plight

No Habs No! - Braydon Coburn

1967ers and I are batting around some ideas for posts to write this summer but if we were Atlanta fans Braydon Coburn would definitely feature in some way. Don Waddell, in his infinite wisdom, saw the need to actually make the playoffs traded a young defensive stud who he had

No Habs No! - Sergei Gonchar

Sergei Gonchar was another No Habs No! winner from Russia. It feels bad to point out that I was witness to what would probably amount to one of his worst moments as a professional. So I'll just note that Evgeni Malkin learned English by speaking to Gonchar'

No Habs No! - Evgeni Malkin

Last year Evgeni Malkin won the Conn Smythe for his efforts in the playoffs. His parents were shown nightly and were credited with his strong play. This year, if they were there then their magic failed. Instead of a repeat performance he instantly became the Pittsburgh Penguins' Tomas Kaberle.

No Habs No! - Craig Adams

When Craig Adams raced into the slot to bury a Pascal Dupuis shot it looked like Montreal's luck had finally run out. They were no longer facing the naive and unlucky Washington Capitals. They were face-to-face with the defending Stanley Cup champions. No longer were they going toe-to-toe

No Habs No! - Jason Chimera

Jason Chimera's had a tough career. He played a bunch of seasons pre-lockout with the Edmonton Oilers only to end up in Columbus after the lockout and missed the Oilers' run to game seven of the Stanley Cup Final. That's without even getting into the

No Habs No! - Brooks Laich

Game three in the series saw an unlikely recipient of the No Habs No! token of appreciation as Brooks Laich scored the eventual game-winner in a 5-1 win. The third game of the series was more along the lines of what pundits and all fans outside of Quebec expected when

No Habs No! - Nicklas Backstrom

Until last night it looked like the No Habs No! campaign was going to run the table on the Montreal Canadiens. However, the Habs have bought themselves a temporary reprieve. I did manage to has out the first three letters to the Washington Capitals. Nicklas Backstrom is the initial recipient

The Re-Birth Of A Movement

The SBN megaverse is responsible for a couple of great grassroots campaigns from Throw The Snake to Japers' Free Alex. Today, I'm going to revive a movement that every hockey fan can get behind. Today, the No Habs No campaign is back! As with all good things,
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