Brian Wilde at CTV Montreal seems to have reported that the Montreal Canadiens are shopping for a new coach. A TSN Radio reporter has said they've already held discussions with former Habs head coach Guy Carbonneau for three hours last night.

Looking for a former Stanley Cup winner is a good idea, Habs, but you tried this Guy before. You need someone who has won a Cup as a coach, someone who can lead players to greatness with the best systems and timeout strategies that money can buy.

However, Mike Babcock works for the Maple Leafs.

There is one man who is available to be hired who won a Cup with an All-Star goalie, and superstar on defense. Someone who has seen what it takes, who can overcome odds, and who is beloved by the media.

This man:

Randy Carlyle has won a Stanley Cup with the Anaheim Ducks, worked with an amazing goalie (J. S. Giguere in his prime) and defensemen (Scott Niedermayer and Chris Pronger), and is available to hire. With the removal of compensation, the Canadiens don't even need to worry about giving their hated rivals a compensatory draft pick!

The Canadiens don't have any noted coach killers on their team, set out to sabotage the plays and ideas. They've even stocked up on players of Randy's type with the recently acquired John Scott.

Randy's deployment of players is amazing, making the young Tyler Bozak a star, and helping Phil Kessel achieve greatness he cannot replicate with either Sidney Crosby or Evgeni Malkin.

He has the player's pedigree, a former Norris Trophy winning defense man, and a former captain of both the Arizona Coyotes and Pittsburgh Penguins franchises.

He's worked with kids as former coach and president of the Manitoba Moose in the IHL/AHL, making runs to the conference finals in his time.

Randy Carlyle is friendly and entertaining, as seen in this clip from 24/7:

With all of these qualifications in mind, the Montreal Canadiens must hire Randy Carlyle if they wish to return to prominence in the NHL, and win their elusive 25th Stanley Cup.

Should the Canadiens hire Randy Carlyle?

No, I don't hate them that much.652