The two in our favour were New Jersey beating Nashville in regulation and Dallas over the Islanders in overtime. A few I had going to OT had the winners swapped, so atleast the teams we needed to get two points, got one instead of none.

The lottery standings as of this morning:

Team Points Odds at #1
Buffalo 43 20%
Edmonton 46 13.5%
Arizona 47 11.5%
Carolina 55 9.5%
Columbus 56 8.5%
Toronto 57 7.5%
New Jersey 64 6.5%
Colorado 65 6.0%
Philadelphia 66 5.0%
Dallas 66 3.5%
Ottawa* 65 3.0%
Florida 69 2.5%
San Jose 72 2.0%
Los Angeles 72


*Ottawa has 3 games in hand on Dallas & Philadelphia so is ranked lower.

The Leafs win last night, while entertaining from a yay! a win! and a goaltending standpoint, dropped their odds at #1 overall 2%.

There's only 4 games on tap tonight, only 2 have Lottery implications.

Pittsburgh Penguins at Colorado Avalanche
Best Result: Pittsburgh over Colorado in Overtime
They're hosting Pittsburgh and a regulation win puts them at 67 points, dropping them down to a 3.5% chance at #1, but raising Philadelphia and Dallas' odds at winning. The best result would be a Colorado loss in overtime, giving them one point, putting them farther back of Toronto but not giving Ed Snider a better shot at McDavid.

Ottawa Senators at Winnipeg Jets
Best Result: Meteor Strike
Best Lottery Result: Ottawa over Winnipeg in regulation

Ottawa has 3 games in hand on Dallas & Philly so they're ranked lower in draft odds, a a win here would put them at 67 points to the others 66. Winnipeg getting a point wouldn't hurt the Leafs lottery, but the Jets missing out on 2 points puts them closer to missing the playoffs, and that's good.

Also tonight the Rangers are playing Detroit, and Montreal is in Anaheim. If you're a #NoHabsNo kind of person, you want Anaheim to win to keep Montreal from creating a 3 way tie at 89 points for the Presidents Trophy.