So did anyone from PPP here get some of those Fan First tickets yesterday?  There were some awesome pictures on twitter from Leafspace Monika, Chansler and a few others of the crowds forming at each location where tickets were being handed out.  If I still lived in Toronto I would've been there for sure.  I guess I'll have to take my chances on getting tickets for the only Leafs game here in Vancouver again next year. Too bad though, I hear that Versteeg and Armstrong were getting a photo shoot done and the Komisarek showed up at some point.  I've still never actually met a Leaf player.  Oh, and if you aren't on twitter, Komisarek (@mkomisarek) and Armstrong (@armdog) have some sort of bet going on about who will be the first one to 10,000 followers.  I guess we could help them out.

Hockey news is pretty sparse with these arbitration hearings going on, so here are the few links I could find today.