That's alliteration homes.

In my last PPPPP update post, I asked you all to post your unique team names so that I could include the best in this FTB for the masses to vote on. So, masses, which of the following fantasy team names do you like best?

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A desire to win from day one

The Muppet likes the fire in the young Leafs.

So you're not going to put me on hold?

mf37 ponders why the hold out has gone the way of the dodo.

Despite the deep pockets, Burke sides with the little guys

Mirtle with a good post on how the GM goes against the grain.

Jim Kelley; not a big fan of Burke giving Liambis a looksee

All for second chances, just not those for goons.

Marlies defensive prospects for 2010-11

MLHS with a look at the guys who are more likely to play for the Leafs than Jeff Finger.

Ottawa could take the Northeast crown

No, this isn't a DGB joke post, someone actually believes it.

Hockey and pastries; two things forever intertwined

With Kyle Wellwood joining the Dessert Dogs; LD brings up a cream filled Friday Youtube Yoinkage

From Keon to Kadri; the NKOTB bring hope

VLM, not the Wahlbergs, with a post on youth showing promise for the club.

Which team name do you like best?

Lebda Goodtimes Roll81
Toronto a Rynnas28
Belarus Fist Talk40
DemoliSchenn Derby68
Who Lebda Dogs Out?63