I could look at that headline all day and I will.

The stats from Leafs vs. Bruins-HockeyStats

Um what

Leafs Postgame: Beatdown-The Leafs Nation

Come for the gifs, stay for the Rask Face.

Leafs' Phil Kessel has his way with the Bruins-CBC Sports

I really just wanted to include it for the headline. Carry on.

Stop Tying Connor McDavid to Your Anti-Fighting Agenda-Puck Daddy

Wyshynski bravely exposes the all-powerful anti-fighting hockey lobby (well, aside from the power of actually taking fighting out of hockey). I hate to somewhat (not completely!!!!!!) side with Damien Cox on this one (ew) but look, it's probably both. This happens in hockey but rarely elsewhere. He was being a 17 year-old and not exercising his best decision-making powers AND there is a certain expectation on players to exhibit masculine/hockey pride as well as a permissive culture surrounding fighting.

Society shapes the norms of hockey, and I think it's odd to suggest otherwise. I agree with Wysh that there are a lot of dangerous practices in hockey aside from fighting (such as getting hit with your head down or blocking a shot), but I would also argue that society shapes those practices (and a person's willingness to injure/be injured) as well. I view his assertion that injuries resulting from these acts wouldn't lead to a "protracted debate about hockey culture" as a challenge. I'm a grad student. I can have a "protracted debate" about anything, any time, any place.

Meanwhile, in more useful discourse-Bruce Arthur

Some quotes from Rielly, Kadri and Robidas.

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Comparing Uncle Leo by cap hit and current and former Leafs

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Alternatives to the much-maligned current format of overtime and shootouts

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On the plays and the types of playmakers

A team that doesn't exist has owners-Puck Daddy

This could be interesting.

Something about "hockey diplomacy"-National Post

Hot take: Stephen Harper thinks that the Flames and/or the Leafs will make the playoffs "one of these days."

Wait, now we should play tired goaltenders?-St. Louis Game Time

Are the Leafs in the category that would need to rest goaltenders?

NFL looking for gay & LGBT businesses to collaborate on Super Bowl 50

The cynical part of me (so, 90%) thinks that the NFL has realized the power of the "pink dollar".