iMik is only one of the latest exciting iPhone Apps!

Here on the National Affairs Desk, we like to keep abreast of current technological developments. Just because it's already two years old (and makes everyone within a 20 yard radius hate you to the grave) doesn't mean we can't still be excited about the iPhone - Hell no. Only this morning, we took delivery of the latest catalogue of Applications that we can use to enrich our lives/double our productivity/make us giggle like schoolchildren full of too much candy. Herewith, a few of the selected highlights:

  • iPhil. A collection of stories at your fingertips, covering the news on the Leafs newest acquisition. Please see Toronto Sports Media, Maple Leaf Hot Stove, budblog, TML Nation and The Hockey Writers for further details. (Replaces application iBall, which was just in bad taste).
  • iNik. With the new tactic of braying the tar out of anyone not wearing blue and scoring some really good goals, the Leafs took the Flyers in overtime last time. TML Nation and Maple Leaf Hot Stove share their thoughts.
  • iTruc. The slowest man on skates can rip a head in half with merely a raise of the eyebrow. The Fanhouse has the tape of Jason Allison, a man pushed to the edge.
  • iAnalysis. Keeping you bang up the date with the roster cuts, it's Dr Steve.
  • iCan'tWaitForAWeekOnThursday. If this little doozy from bkblades doesn't get your blood pumping, you're clinically dead. Please inform your network supplier for a refund.
  • i ♥LD - Part two of why LD loves hockey so.
  • iDouche. Hey, what happens in my house is my business! Ahem. Following on from the controversy in the Flames/Isles match up on Thursday, The Fanhouse asks 'How much is too much in Preseason?'
  • iSomethingUnrelatedToHockey. Animate your face, give yourself a fiendish moustache, make yourself a panda. It's what the Internet is all about.