What a crazy Monday. The Leafs sure made a lot of news today, but the day is still young. There’s playoff games to watch, and I expect they will be pretty exciting ones, too.

Bruins @ Lightning

Golden Knights @ Sharks

Here is what we wrote about today

Marlies eliminate Comets, win 4-0 in Game 5 - Hardev
Travis Dermott and Andreas Johnsson come home for some unfinished business.

Leafs to sign Swedish centre Pär Lindholm per report - Katya
The Skellefteå forward had an outstanding year, as the 1C on a top SHL team and made the Olympic team as well.

The Schadenfreude Hockey League: Draft Picks Bad Teams Mockery - Fulemin
Let us laugh at our rivals, that we may feel joy.

Louin out as GM - Fulemin
Lamoriello is transitioning to a Senior Advisor role as this season ends on June 30; his successor has yet to be announced.

Which of these players is most likely to get this job as an NHL or team executive someday?

Brad Marchand will be Head of Player Safety.52
Steven Stamkos will be the Leafs GM.24
Brent Burns will be GM of a team with a mandatory beard policy.13
One of the Golden Knights will get a job with the expansion Saskatoon Saskatchewaners who will win the Stnaley Cup in their first season and then fold due to lack of revenue.35