Penguins @ Flyers

Wild @ Jets
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Kings @ Golden Knights

While we collectively hold our breath to see what the next Maple Leafs game will bring, the other teams move on through the first round. It’s a chance for a short breather tonight to watch their series unfold. Especially interesting tonight will be the Flyers and Penguins game after that insane start to the series where the Penguins won 7-0. Will Hakstol start Brian Elliott again? Will Giroux do something bold like he did in 2012 by decking Crosby  on the opening faceoff?

The Penguins should be aware that revenge is a dish best served cold. And it is very cold on NHL ice.

In the late game we have the Golden Knights already up 1-0 on the Kings. MAF vs. Quick is an interesting goalie battle. You just know one of them is bound to meltdown at some point in this series.

Oh and there’s the Jets playing the Wild. Fuck the Jets.

Here’s what we wrote about today.

Toronto Marlies first playoff opponent is either Rochester or Utica - Katya
Toronto has a three-in-three to end the season, and then they face a team beefed up by returning call-ups.

Will the Flyers win tonight?

Of course. This series has to go to a game 7 per the NBC contract.12
They’ll somehow win 1-05
They’ll somehow win 10-98