A few days ago, we launched the notion of a trivia fundraiser for the charitable efforts of fellow SBN bloggers Laura/The Active Stick and Sarah Connors. I said that I had pulled a number of cards from between 1955 and 1979 to serve as prizes. This is the lot as it stands to date. There are a couple of things that are in the mail to me and will join this list once I have them in hand. One is a Bobby Orr - miscut (which is how I got it for <$30), but a vintage Orr all the same.

To join us (I'd like to start on Monday if we can get sufficient numbers of people), please make a $2.50 donation at the links below:

Sarah Connors
Laura/The Active Stick

Once you've done that, be sure to send a mailing address to me at 1967ers at gmail dot com. Otherwise, your prize sits forever and ever in my basement.

The cards still have a bit of a Hab/Bruin bent, but I have found some Leafs and Seals and Gordie Howe belongs to everyone. There are some good names in here - Gordie, Tim Horton, Phil Esposito, Pierre Pilote, Jacques Plante, Guy Lafleur, Yvan Cournoyer, Paul Henderson, Bobby Clarke. Take a look.

In this first bunch:

1975-76 OPC WHA Gordie Howe All-Star (EX)

1969-70 OPC Wayne Carleton (EXMT)

1961-62 Parkhurst Larry Keenan (G/VG)

1973-74 OPC Bobby Clarke (EX+)

1971-72 OPC Bert Marshall (NM)

1968-69 OPC Gary Jarrett (EX+)

1968-69 OPC Floyd Smith (EXMT)

1970-71 OPC Paul Henderson (EXMT)


Bunch #2 was put together to pull in some stars from other teams, just in case. It might not be apparent, but the gem is the Morrison - this set in this condition is nigh on impossible:

1957-58 Topps Don McKenney (VG)

1970-71 OPC Phil Esposito (EX)

1963-64 Topps Ed Van Impe RC (VGEX)

1963-64 Topps Pierre Pilote (VGEX)

1970-71 OPC Tim Horton (EX)

1970-71 OPC Stan Mikita (EX)

1970-71 OPC Jacques Plante (EX)

1955-56 Parkhurst Jim Morrison (EXMT+)

1974-75 Lipton Soup Bobby Clarke (VGEX - this set had to be hand-cut and there's a wrinkle)


Bunch #3 had some interesting cards from 1978 including a couple rookie management types:

1978-79 OPC Pierre Larouche (EXMT/NM)

1978-79 OPC Guy Lapointe (EXMT/NM)

1978-79 OPC Bob Bourne (EXMT/NM)

1978-79 OPC Wilf Paiement (ROCKIES!) (EXMT/NM)

1978-79 OPC Paul Holmgren RC (EXMT/NM)

1978-79 OPC Bruce Boudreau RC (EXMT/NM)


Bunch #4 and #5 were put together to support the original thought of Hab/Bruin-specific contests. These are the Hab cards. The key is probably the Cournoyer:

1966-67 Topps Claude Larose (EX)

1966-67 Jimmy Roberts (EX)

1971-72 OPC Pete Mahovlich (EX+)

1969-70 OPC Claude Provost (VGEX)

1969-70 OPC Yvan Cournoyer (looks EXMT but tiny wrinkle on back)

1969-70 OPC JC Tremblay (EX)

1970-71 Topps Rogie Vachon (EXMT)

1970-71 OPC Ralph Backstrom (EX)

1970-71 OPC John Ferguson (last card) (EX)


1971-72 OPC Pete Mahovlich (note - same card as above scanned 2X)

1973-74 OPC Guy Lafleur (EX+)

1975-76 OPC Canadiens Team (EXMT+ but one square marked on back)

1979-80 OPC Pierre Larouche (EX)

1979-80 OPC Brian Engblom (NM)

1979-80 OPC Bunny Larocque (NM)


Bunch #6 and #7 were the Bruin part of the original lot. The Don McKenney also managed to get scanned twice. There is only one of them. It might not be apparent, but the Gilles Gilbert RC is really nasty to find in this condition. The Popeil is also in really nice shape:

1965-66 Topps Poul Popiel (EXMT+)

1957-58 Topps Don McKenney (VG)

1968-69 OPC Dallas Smith (EX+)

1969-70 OPC John McKenzie (EX)

1970-71 OPC Derek Sanderson (EX+)

1970-71 OPC Ken Hodge (EXMT)

1971-72 OPC Gerry Cheevers (VGEX)

1971-72 OPC John Bucyk (VG - creases)

1973-74 OPC Phil Esposito (EX)


1973-74 OPC Gilles Gilbert RC (EX+)

1973-74 OPC Wayne Cashman (EXMT)

1979-80 OPC Stan Jonathan (EXMT)

1979-80 OPC John Wensink (EXMT)

1979-80 OPC Brad Park Record Breaker (EXMT+)

1979-80 OPC Rick Middleton (NM)


The prizes are more fun than hugely valuable, but the people who finish near the top of the contest will find a number of cards worth well more than their original $5 investment. As we get towards the bottom, well, you're donating at most a couple of dollars to charity and can still get something fun in the mail.

What's to lose?

Come have some fun.

Update - 2013-04-12

There were a couple of actual requests, so here are a few things. Still to come are some more WHA cards that I have yet to scan:

1979-80 OPC Harold Snepsts EXMT

1979-80 OPC Clark Gillies EXMT

1979-80 OPC John Davidson EXMT+

1979-80 OPC Thomas Gradin EX

1979-80 OPC Dan Bouchard EXMT+

1980 OPC Carl Yastrzemski NM

1978-79 OPC Jerry Butler EXMT

1978-79 OPC Trevor Johansen EXMT

1978-79 OPC Al MacAdam (Barons uni!) EXMT


We're starting up as of Monday and we need more entrants! Join in!