As you may or may not know, SBN blogger-types The Active Stick (Habs) and Sarah Connors (Bruins) are both partaking in charity runs. I admire this. There was a time when I used to run but I now avoid it unless I'm being chased, a toddler attempts to scale the fridge or the Leafs score while I'm in the kitchen.
Despite their obviously abominable taste in hockey clubs, I would like to suggest that we help them in their endeavours and maybe have a bit of fun while we're at it.
To that end, I would like to propose a PPP/SBN hockey trivia challenge. I have put together about 40-odd cards (I'm still scrounging, this will grow) that range in age between 1955-56 and 1979-80. As of this moment, the lot is slightly Hab/Bruin-centric but I am adding other content by the day and there will be something of amusement for everyone.


Each weekday at noon, a question (maybe two - we'll see how this goes) will be asked on the blog. First person with the correct response gets a point. We'll do 30 questions overall. When we're done, the points leader gets first pick out of the prize lot. Second-place gets second choice, so forth and so on. Whoever is last gets to pick twice and Ovechkin will not take your picture. Everyone who enters gets a prize. It's like little kids' soccer.
Ties will be decided by throwing names into whatever internet randomizer I can find.


To enter the contest, please do the following:

1. Donate the grand sum of $2.50 to each of The Active Stick and Sarah Connors. The links are here.
Sarah Connors
Laura/The Active Stick
2. Once this has been done, send me your mailing address at 1967ers at I need this in order to send prizes out. I don't care if it's your home or the local Pizza Pizza. Something with a mailbox.
3. Please specify your team of choice. I can't guarantee that Leafs will still be there when you pick, but Leafs will be part of the pile. If you are a Pens fan and desperately wish that Jean Pronovost is somewhere in the pile, I can arrange that. I just need to know. If your team did not happen to exist in 1979, we'll see. I can also do 1968-73 baseball....
Once SC and TAS confirm they've got the donations, we're good to go.
I'm hoping for somewhere between 20-30 people. If we get less, we're still playing. If we get more, I'll have to do some more digging in the basement.
Anyone in?

(Cards in pictures are part of the prize pack. Full listing when I get a few minutes. Not everyone is a star and not everything is perfect, but nothing has gone through the bike spokes either.)


I'd like to start this sometime next week. Please join. Tell your friends! :)