Welcome to the eighth day of the trivia contest! This may yet be the one where things post right when and where I expect them to (said this yesterday - didn't happen). Hope springs eternal.

I have 30 questions made up, from which two will be asked each weekday. For each question, the first person to post the correct answer gets a point. I will do my best to ensure that these post at a common time. I know it's annoying when you find it and the answers are already there. I keep hoping for a question that will at least take a couple hours, but no such luck yet.

We are still taking signups - we're only a half-way in, so there's plenty of time to join up and win (although the way sknut and Grabovski's better than you think are going, the competition may be for third). If you know the answer and feel you'd like to have some stuff from the prize lot, please take a minute to donate $2.50 to each of the links below. I've got way more prizes than people, so come snag something. It's for a good cause:

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I'm adding prizes to the hopper on a regular basis (scans to be added to the prize list ASAP - really). The odds of getting something you like are pretty solid, and I'm not sure yet just how many picks people will get, but it will be multiple. You'll get your $5 out of it.

Please also remember to send an email to me (1967ers at gmail dot com) and include your mailing address and your PPP id just so I can mail things out correctly when all is said and done.

The target time for all question posts is 11:00 a.m. My track record at reaching this time has been abysmal. However, I will post a Twitter warning about half an hour before the post will appear, so this might help a bit.

One thing that's always kind of fun in old cards is to see people that are still in the public spotlight back when they were young and skinny and had lots more hair. Kind of makes one wonder just who amongst today's group of players will still be kicking around in management in 35 years.

Bruce Boudreau was a player that would come up from the minors and give the team a spark, but never seemed to be able to make a full season of it. He'd come up, look great, fade away and drift back to the minors, then repeat the process again a little while later. Conditioning and attitude played no small part in it, by Bruce's own admission. I note from the back of his card below that Bruce neglected to sign his homework.


Paul Holmgren (shown here battling John van Boxmeer for position) did manage to get a signature on file, which is a good thing. It gave the league something to verify when the Schenn for JVR deal came across the wire. :) One thing I never realized about Holmgren (and you'd never know it to look at NHL cards of the era) is that his rookie year was actually spent in the WHA with the Minnesota Fighting Saints (appropriate place for Homer) under head coach Harry Neale. The team only lasted 59 games before going bust, but wasn't half-bad, going 30-25-4. They had Keon and Walton up front and WHA mainstay John Garrett in net.


Today's questions

15. Name the one player to have played for all six Original 6 teams.

16. Montreal owned the Seals' #1 pick in 1971 and wanted Guy Lafleur (though I'm sure Marcel Dionne would have been an acceptable consolation prize). In order to help ensure the Seals finished last, they sent a useful veteran to another team for a couple bags of pucks. This helped said other team just enough to stay out of the way in the draft. Who was the veteran player?

Standings to date

Grabovski's better than you think - 8

Sknut - 6

Joanie loves Chachi - 2

Learn2Leaf - 1


Sign your card, Bruce. The round won't count otherwise.