It’s the Friday before Christmas, and not an NHL team is stirring. NHL hockey has been “paused” for several days, with 15 games postponed yesterday alone, and we are still waiting for the formal start of the World Junior Championship on Saturday. I expect very little hockey news to happen for the next few days.

Instead, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a happy holiday weekend, whether you celebrate Christmas, or celebrate an extra long weekend, we here at PPP Kitten Ranching and Faster-Than-Light Sleigh Production GmbH hope you have a wonderful next few days.

We will be here all weekend, and I see in the hopper there’s a fiery editorial written by Katya scheduled for tomorrow morning, so make sure to check in with us when you have a moment.

World Juniors

Warm up matches for the World Juniors are now underway in Alberta, and some Maple Leafs prospects are already making the highlight reels. Roni Hirvonen won it for Finland in OT.

And look at this play by Matthew Knies for Team USA.

Canada played a pre-competition match against Russia and won 6-4. Connor Bedard is the first 16 year-old player Canada has sent to the “Under 20” tournament since Connor McDavid in 2014.

Other News

IIHF canceling January events, including U18 Women's World Championships, sources say - ESPN
Some women’s players are vocally upset this tournament had been cancelled again while men’s tournaments have continued.

Clarence ‘Tsi Boy’ Iron looking forward to play by play duties for Cree language NHL games - MBC Radio
People tuning in to Rogers Sportsnet and APTN’s Cree language hockey broadcast will be hearing a regular voice again. Pinhouse’s Clarence ‘Tsi Boy’ Iron will again be handling play by play duties for all six of the planned broadcasts. The first game is currently set to go Jan. 15.

Toronto hockey school under investigation over alleged use of vaccine exemptions - TSN
“The City of Toronto has received complaints regarding All-Star Hockey school and Westwood Arena,” a Toronto Public Health spokesperson wrote in a statement.