It’s that time of year again, and now it actually means something! is running it’s annual bracket challenge again, and we at PPP want you to join in on the fun with us!

Click here and sign in with your account, or create one, and fill out your bracket.

When signing up make sure to include your PPP username or your twitter account so we know who’s bracket is what, also so we know who has gone mad with Leafs playoff fever.

If you need more motivation, PPP founding father @mlse will send the winner a Maple Leafs shirsey of your choice.

Here’s my final four, you can’t see anyone else’s full bracket until the puck drops for game one of the playoffs.

Yes, conference finals! I’ve got Leafs playoff fever!

Will the Maple Leafs make it past the Capitals? Can the Penguins repeat? Will the old a shell Sharks make another run for it?

Let’s find out.