If rebuilding teams are doing it right, they tend to have a lot of great prospects. This causes excitement and hope amongst a fanbase, and people will come out by the droves to follow said prospects. So... basically exactly where the Toronto Maple Leafs are right now.

Except development camp is almost over. What's a group of kids to do on one of your last nights together before you can finally take something of a breather from hockey?

Well, you're in a city with an MLB team. If there's anywhere for the squad to go...


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In addition to Mitch Marner, tagged are Auston Matthews, Jeremy Bracco, Andrew Nielsen, Tye Felhaber, Adam Brooks, and J.J. Piccinich. They're the Toronto Maple Leafs prospects, and they're very serious about being desaturated in Instagram pictures.

Oh, and being the future of the team. That too, probably.