The Rematch

During pre-game we discuss the renaming of NHL trophy’s. Maybe we should do a better job educating on history?

Why are Matthews and Nylander good together? They’re good players.

And my broadcast is gone. Lovely. This may make things difficult.

Alas, won’t come up on my computer, but we are back in business.

Ultimate trap game they say. Fool me once, shame on... me... fool me twice... we’re not going to get fooled again!

Alright, here we go...

11 seconds in Henrique is hit by a point shot from Gio.

Lost a man in warm ups as well. Max Jones. Down to 10 forwards.

Ducks get a couple of shots to help Samsonov warm up.

Shots 3-0 Ducks, but there were some good looks.

Matthews gets sprung on a half break by Nylander which he backhands wide. The boys are awake and tilting the ice back.

Leafs change and come back the other way. Engvall breaks in and lobs a pass back toward the blueline and Kerfoot rips the one-timer... Goal!! 200th career point for Kerfoot

Timmins to Matthews through the neutral zone that leads to another shot attempt for Matthews. Papi looks extra engaged tonight. Maybe bigger as well? Probably not, but he’s prowling. Probably looking to put Zegras in his place.

Sandin turns awkwardly maybe intentionally into his man as Willy skates by with the puck. Sandman gets called for interference.

Ducks power play looks worthless in the first half. The second half has a few chances, but nothing frightening.

Shots 7-3 Anaheim. 12:00 to go in the first.

Another chance in close for Matthews & co. From Holl.

Anaheim fails to clear the zone, and the puck squirts up to Timmins. He dishes to Marner who goes for a skate up the zone before dishing across to Tavares who make no mistake from the blue paint.


2-0 Leafs

And the streak indeed continues. Bring your green hat.

Matthews with another spectacular opportunity as he receives a beauty out of the corner from Nylander. Not sure why he’s wide open in the slot like that. Gibson stands tall.

Pontus Holmberg takes the face-off in the D-Zone for Auston Matthews, plays about 20 seconds with the top line and then swaps out for Matthews as Nylander has the puck moving the other way.

Commercial break ends with another shift of extended o-zone time from #34, and Bunting whiffs on a probably would have been goal?

In true pinball fashion MacTavish knocks two out of the air and get two more whacks on the ground but Samsonov sticks tight through the fight.

Engvall rushes down on an opportunity with Kerfoot, but his desperation to pass becomes apparent to everyone and the play dies in the body of the defender.

Not the best, but the Leafs top line pick up another pair of shots. Tavares and Marner and Malgin come out to try and get another one before the end of the second, but not much happens. Kämpf comes out to ensure not much continues to happen, but the third line for Toronto has another of quality looks.

The Leafs fourth line comes out, doesn’t get a chance but does draw a too many men on the ice penalty? Nice job boys!

With 11 seconds left in the period, an amazing opportunity squirts out in the open past Matthews and the period expires.

2-0 after one.

Samsonov hasn’t had to face a lot of high end opportunities, but he had to be sharp with more than anyone would like. Shots ended up 14-16 Anaheim, so he was busy.

Now we just need a goal coming out of the break. Do the Leafs ever score the next period when they have a power play going into the break? I swear this is only something other teams do. I hope I’m not embarrassing myself and the did it in one of the games I missed recently.

Start of the second and the power play is cooking. Marner rips a one-timer, Nylander comes down 2-1 with Tavares, and Matthews gets a dish from Nylander in his wheelhouse coming down the left side. All turned away. Good chances and a fun start to the period.

After the third line takes a shift, Matthews, Marner, and Tavares take a shift together. They get another pair of quick opportunities and the shots are up to 19-16 Leafs.

Fourth line gets out and draws another penalty. Joey Anderson steps on a stick and goes down in the corner and the big boys are back to the power play.

I’ll say this, the Leafs power play is moving the puck around and getting chances. Matthews is leaking down low looking for a last minute tip or a “Tavares two foot tap-in”. It add an interesting option.

As the power play expires Nylander takes a stick to the mouth, drawing blood. The refs didn’t notice and no call is made.

After the first commercial break, the Ducks top line gets to play in the offensive zone for a bit and rip off a few good quick chances. MacTavish seems to be in the middle of things again.

Holmberg gets the puck low and drives from the half-board to the net and takes a shot.... he missed but is a good chap and take a cross-check in the back along the way. Another fourth-line penalty drawn. Three shifts in a row? I think so.

Less sharp to start, Gibson does that goalie thing where they drop the puck when their teammates aren’t paying attention. He ends up having to clear himself.

The second half of the power play is High Danger central as Tavares, Nylander, and Matthews all have at least one grade A chance. No goal, but highly entertaining.

John Gibson, favoring his left leg, leaves play during the second commercial break. The announcers kindly point out that the shots are 13-1 for the Leafs this period.

It is a 2-0 game, but the Leafs are controlling play. They need one, before Anaheim gets a fluke.

(Looks up as TJ Brodie attempts a point shot)


3-0 Leafs.

Nylander high-sticks Bunting in excitement. Later denies any involvement (in the goal).

Marner misses a pass and for some reason Sandin jumps up, missing the play and allowing the Ducks a breakaway from the blueline. Samsonov again keeps the thought of silliness entering this game at bay.

Auston and the boys have another great shift as a nice defensive play turns into a quick touch to Nylander to Bunting and another good chance.

Bunting gets out on an extended shift with Tavares and Marner as they work it around. Holl rips a shot from the point and it finds its way, courtesy of Marner, over to Bunting who buries it.

4-0 Leafs!

Samsonov looks awkward on a save off the face-off. He gets up a little slow. The replays just look awkward and I’m slightly worried? It looks like a right leg things?

The period ends and he looks pretty normal skating off the ice. I’m feeling better.

4-0 after two.

The Leafs had the benefit of several power plays, but over all decimated the Ducks in the second period. The Leafs may as well have been wearing blaze orange.

I’m going to go cook up some cute holiday shaped ravioli.

We’re back. Close it out cleanly, please.

Well, good thing I wrote that ahead of time because Nylander is on a breakaway. He doesn’t get a clean shot. I expect four lines tonight through the third period.

Anaheim has one regulation win this year. You don’t say...

The Leafs head up the ice.

Just like the first, a smooth dish across the ice to Kerfoot high...

5-0 Leafs.

Tavares is out and takes a nasty look spill behind the net, but he shakes it off.

I’m trying to lose interest a little as things I think take a lull...

Pierre strikes! He’s excited and he should be. What a shot.

6-0 Leafs

Seven minutes into the third and the shots are 6-0 Leafs. The total on the night is 37-22 Toronto.

The puck seems to be going up and down the ice at a fairly frequent pace and some things are happening. Wait... just one thing happened. Samsonov made a save and now we have the commercial break.

Honestly, nothing really happened and then there was another commercial break. The second half of the third is rolling and the fourth line is out yet again. Holmberg has the puck on his stick all the time. I haven’t seen anything else that really makes him pop thus far, but he carries it well and from eye in my gut, he seems to be excelling in the zone entry category. I’ll find out later.

The Leafs seem to be practice play defense as a five man unit, staying high, puck side, coming back strong and all that good stuff. It is nice to watch.

And the fourth line is getting lots of playing time. So much so... Joey Anderson rips home his first as a Leaf.

7-0 Leafs.

Zegras cross-checks Kämpf. Kämpf check Zegras. People get mad.

Matching penalties wind this game down to the end.

Samsonov takes the shutout. Back-to-back now.

There isn’t much to say after this one. The first was decent, after that it was all Toronto. No let down. No let up. It was a game worth watching and one you would expect out of a contender.