This evening Kevin McGran at The Star reported that Joffrey Lupul will also not return for the rest of the season.

Like James van Riemsdyk, there was some speculation Lupul could be traded away by Monday's deadline, but this surgery ends that possibility.

Calling a player "injury prone" is rather obnoxious, but the reality is Joffrey Lupul simply cannot stay healthy. From the back surgery, and serious blood infection he had before joining The Leafs, to the multiple broken bones and surgeries he has had after joining the team, Lupul can't catch a break. Since joining The Leafs in 2010 he has missed on average ~31 games per season (that's accounting for the shortened lockout season, and assuming he misses all further games this year).

Prior to his injury he wasn't having a great year, scoring 11 goals and earning 3 assists for 14 points in 46 games. It's a notable decline from his peak in 2011-12 when he earned 67 points in 66 games.

Now he is once again another hole in the line-up to fill for the rest of the season. Is it time to call up Torres?