This above conference call was scheduled previously, and was supposed to be just an update.

All of this comes as this report expanded on the issues the NHL is having with the Canadian governments:

No details on what this plan is, and it will depend on the players voting for it, since it’s highly unlikely the owners won’t agree.

More details:

We will update as we get more.

And now the rumours of what’s in the agreement:

[Gazes fondly at the full explainer for the old rules.]

Daren Dreger reported earlier today that Toronto was on the table for a hub as well. And obviously dates would change for an Edmonton hub, since the WJC runs to January 5.

There was a deeply unclear tweet about this “toll” business earlier. The cap circumvention issues here are enormous, and this part of the new-new CBA will need to be clear.

Another wrinkle on the three choices of plans that are home arenas, hubs, all USA:

What if only one of them can pass a player vote?