Today, the NHL has announced that the Players decided to postpone two days worth of games that cover all eight teams still remaining in the 2020 playoffs.

After much discussion, NHL Players believe that the best course of action would be to take a step back and not play tonight’s and tomorrow’s games as scheduled. The NHL supports the Players’ decision and will reschedule those four games beginning Saturday and adjust the remainder of the Second Round schedule accordingly.

Black and Brown communities continue to face real, painful experiences. The NHL and NHLPA recognize that much work remains to be done before we can play an appropriate role in a discussion centered on diversity, inclusion and social justice.

We understand that the tragedies involving Jacob Blake, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and others require us to recognize this moment. We pledge to work to use our sport to influence positive change in society.

The NHLPA and NHL are committed to working to foster more inclusive and welcoming environments within our arenas, offices and beyond.

See below for a timeline of how this historic day unfolded.

The insiders are reporting that the NHL and NHLPA are discussing postponing games today after they suffered the self-inflicted indignity of being the only professional team sport to ignore the NBA players’ calls to strike last night. The movement was led by the Milwaukee Bucks to protest the continued racist violence after the police shot Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Last night Bill Daly seemed to be leaving the door open to act if the players pulled the lever:

No players took that step last night, but also, the NHL didn’t explicitly invite the step either. They locked themselves into a game of chicken, and no one came out of it looking good.

As of this morning, this was the status:

And then the Hockey Diversity Alliance spoke:

At the moment, it seems the NHL has heard and is about to act.

Is this move by the NHL...

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Updates as they come in:

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